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 Praying With God Video School

Why Pray With God?


The Bible describes many different kinds of prayer but a key principle to effective and powerful prayers is found in Romans 8: 26-27 where the the apostle Paul encourages us to pray WITH God and to pray in the Spirit.


This course explores how to do this. It covers:

  • why and what we need to pray if God already knows what is needed

  • what 'praying in the spirit' is and how to do this

  • how to move into position to pray with God

  • how to pray in unity

  • how to recognize what prayer the Holy Spirit has chosen for you to pray

  • different kinds of prayers in the Spirit

  • how to know when your prayer has been accepted and answered

  • some principles of praying together in a group

  • how to interpret what the Holy Spirit is doing or saying and more!

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Video School

 Once you have  registered, you will be able to watch 16 short videos with work sheets which teach how to pray practically and powerfully with  God the Holy Spirit. 


The Course covers:

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Why Pray?

Session 3: What Happens When We Pray

Session 4: Positioned to pray

Session 5: Praying Effectively

Session 6: What the Holy Spirit Does in Prayer

Session 7: Prayer in the Spirit

Session 8, 9: Different Types of Prayers

Session 10: The Intercession Prayers of Jesus

Session 11: Praying Corporately in the  Spirit

Session 12: Some Common Hindrances

Session 13: What To Do When the Prayer is Complete

Session 14: Activating the Spirit of Prayer

Session 15: Praying in tongues exercise

Session 16: Interpreting the prayer

Because Jesus Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow || Prayers for Covid-19, Brazil

Because Jesus Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow || Prayers for Covid-19, Brazil

Play Video
Heartfelt Prayer on the Streets

One of the key characteristics of effective prayer is that it is heartfelt and fervent. Many of you would have seen this clip that circulated during the peak of the Corona lock down and, like us, were deeply moved by these reverent and passionate prayers.

Thank you to www.yourliving for the video clip.

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Virtual Prayer  Groups

Corporate prayer is very prominent in the Bible and should also be in our lives. It is a core part of our Christian experience. The descriptions of corporate prayer in the Bible paint a picture of prayer that is vital, explosive, powerful, extravagant, bold, successful, satisfying, life- changing, nation changing. These meetings were not dull or boring! Although there is absolutely no substitute for individual prayer, the results of group prayer can be more powerful and effective than praying alone.  


Praying together effectively requires different techniques and skills to when we pray alone. It’s not a free for all! And a soldier is not an army! With practice, a unified and skilled group will result in extremely satisfying and effective prayers. 


Once you have completed the course you can join an online prayer house or host your own.

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"To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees." - Billy Graham

What People Say


I have first hand experience of using this prayer teaching both in corporate prayer meetings and praying on my own.  This model can be used to bring about  change both on a national and a personal level. I have experienced answers to prayer including a new job and physical healing from IBS, a skin condition and a knee condition.


Attending this workshop  has revolutionised our prayer life. As we  started Praying with God for our extended family we have begun to see great change taking place - together with divine protection and purpose. I

Iove the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 18:42, praying for rain on top of Mt Carmel, with his face between his knees. It is such a beautiful picture of the teamwork between God and someone willing to pray with  Him. God promised rain, but Elijah had to do his part, earnestly praying for rain in order to break the drought. 


When John first explained how, why and when we should pray WITH  God rather than TO Him , it came as a huge revelation. Yes, I've declared, decreed, proclaimed creatively interceded and agreed with the Word because I love to pray. But I had never been aware that I was missing such a great key in my relationship with the LORD, until I put this teaching into practice. This teaching is powerful, scriptural and practically based for equipping those who want to enhance their prayer life.

Kingdom Project:
The Bridge International

Providing survival basics for Zimbabwe

We support the Bridge International charity which provides financial, physical, emotional and spiritual support to orphans, street children, carers of children, prisoners and the disadvantaged in Zimbabwe.​ This provision, although basic, is often life- saving and life-transforming. 

Recent projects have included providing basic food to a children's home, blankets and warm bedding for winter, school fees, rent for a homeless family and food parcels to hungry individuals. Your generous donations have also provided life saving medical equipment, prisoner packs and housing support for widows.

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John or Heather  at

Praying With God

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