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 Praying With God Video School

Why Pray With God?


The Bible describes many different kinds of prayer but a key principle to effective and powerful prayers is found in Romans 8: 26-27 where the the apostle Paul encourages us to pray WITH God and to pray in the Spirit.


This course explores how to do this. It covers:

  • why and what we need to pray if God already knows what is needed

  • what 'praying in the spirit' is and how to do this

  • how to move into position to pray with God

  • how to pray in unity

  • how to recognize what prayer the Holy Spirit has chosen for you to pray

  • different kinds of prayers in the Spirit

  • how to know when your prayer has been accepted and answered

  • some principles of praying together in a group

  • how to interpret what the Holy Spirit is doing or saying and more!

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Video School

 Once you have  registered, you will be able to watch 16 short videos with work sheets which teach how to pray practically and powerfully with  God the Holy Spirit. 


The Course covers:

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Why Pray?

Session 3: What Happens When We Pray

Session 4: Positioned to pray

Session 5: Praying Effectively

Session 6: What the Holy Spirit Does in Prayer

Session 7: Prayer in the Spirit

Session 8, 9: Different Types of Prayers

Session 10: The Intercession Prayers of Jesus

Session 11: Praying Corporately in the  Spirit

Session 12: Some Common Hindrances

Session 13: What To Do When the Prayer is Complete

Session 14: Activating the Spirit of Prayer

Session 15: Praying in tongues exercise

Session 16: Interpreting the prayer