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We are instructed to pray in the Spirit with all manner of prayer in the Bible  in Ephesians  6 v 18. 

This E Book covers prayer basics especially praying in the Spirit. This book replaces the notes that originally went with the 2 MP3’s.

Listen to the MP3's Below.


 Derek Prince: Exercising the gift of tongues


In this extract from Derek Prince's teaching, 'Interpreting and Prophesying', he explains the importance and necessity for every believer to speak in tongues.


Pray With God Overview


Listen to a brief overview of the Praying with God way of praying.

00:00 / 14:38

Pray Along

Join with John as he leads you in this unique activation in praying in the Spirit

00:00 / 15:31

Bonus Notes: Praying in Tongues


Apostolic Prayers of the New Testament 


This is coming soon.


Derek Prince: How to Receive the Holy Spirit

This is an excellent, practical and bible based teaching on what the baptism of the Holy Spirit is, why we should receive this and how to  receive it. 

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