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Get Involved

Register, watch and do

Register for the video course and watch the 16 short videos. Download the notes and work through them. Send in your questions and comments to us.

Every month there will be online training or mentoring - watch out for dates and times that suit your timezone.


Join or host a virtual prayer group

Join a virtual prayer groups or host your own. Despite being 'virtual' we have discovered prayer works just as well online and that many times the Holy Spirit blesses us with His manifest Presence.

See group details and dates here:


Training and Mentoring

Once you have registered, there will be options to join online training or mentoring groups held during the month. You will receive regular  updates with times and dates.


Global Prayer Assignments:


We regularly visit Israel with trained intercessory teams to pray for the Land and meet the people.


Global Prayer Assignments: 


Teams are usually small and relational. We combine prayer assignments with other equipping workshops and mercy ministries.


Global Prayer Assignments: 


Most of our trips to Europe have been to Portugal. As we are based in the UK,  missions have also taken place in England and Wales.

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